How to Apply?

1. Select your study program

Our most frequented courses can be reached below:

Business Administration BSc and MSc exclusively online courses: Alfred Nobel Open Business School Switzerland, formerly CEAS Private Wirtschaftshochschule Switzerland 

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) exclusively online courses:  Alfred Nobel Open Business School

Business Administration BSc and MSc online or traditional courses: CEAS UK College 

Downloadable Brochures and Information:

For further information please browse our website and select the degree program that you are interested in and would like to study. 




2. Submission of application documents

Download, fill, and sign our Application Form, scan it and send to info@nobeluniv.com.

Application Form can be found also on the choosen Institute’s website.

Download from here the  Application Form.




Your application documents should contain (as a copy):

  • - Passport / ID card / birth certificate
  • - high school/college degree (original High School transcript in the case of senior year students) and/or the official document(s) to certify studies pursued in another tertiary education institution,
  • - certificates proving English language proficiency,
  • - brief CV,
  • - two passport photos

Please submit a certified copy of your educational credentials (certified copy of the original). If you have already earned a university degree, please submit a copy of your certificate alongside your secondary school certificate. Do not forget that you must submit a copy of your documents in the original language together with English translation. Inquire about country-specific requirements prior to the submission of your documents.

When the application forms are received, the processing of the data begins. If the application material is found to be incomplete, applicants are notified and asked to submit the missing documents within 30 days of receipt of the documentation.

Notification of incomplete application may be sent by mail or e-mail. If the missing documents are not submitted, the application procedure may be terminated.

Once we receive your application for admission, we will send you an application acknowledgement via e-mail.

3. Student Contract

After completing and returning the Application Form, students receive the Student Contract. Complete the Student Contract (please do not forget to sign it) and send us back electronically AND the original paper-based copy also, thereafter your record will be found on our web-based registration system (EDS).

For EDS (Educational Data System) please click here: nobeluniv.com

You can download a Student Contract with a little help we use in our Swiss institute, the CEAS Private Wirtschaftshochschule: Student Contract. (Sample)

4. Online conversation

Our program coordinator will contact you in a pre-arranged time via online IP-based videochat system (for example Skype). The program coordinator performs an admission conversation with you and gives you further information about the program that you have selected.

The conversation will focus on your ambition for enrolling in the programme, test your language skills and  familiarity with current news, trends and issues of your selected profession. 

5. Payment

After completing and returning the Student Contract, students receive an invoice for the tuition fee. The tuition fee for DBA programme must be transferred to the Hong Kong bank account while the tuition fee for BSc/ Msc programmes must be transferred  to the Swiss bank account. 

Payment of the tuition fee of first two semesters must be done by bank-to-bank wire transfer (no cash or money transfer, such as MoneyGram or Western Union is accepted).

No application will be considered complete without the confirmation of the payment of the tuition fee.  If  the money appears on the bank account, students receive  the Student Contract signed by ANU and they will be registered in the EDS.


6. Tution fees

Please, inquire about our tuition fees by email (info@nobeluniv.com). The tuition fees are depending on your educational background and professional experiences. 

Note: the tuition fees can be consider flexible due by individual requirements. Scholarship is also available!


7. For DBA students only

DBA students receive or download the RegistrationSheet, complete and return this document to ANU.

Registration Sheet for the DBA students

After completing and returning the Registration Sheet a consultant will be designated by ANU for each student who start the DBA programme with the guidance of this consultant.